April 2020-TV Show Recommendations

Another week in ‘quarantine’ , or what I am calling a ‘soft lockdown’, and another week of browsing through Netflix and Stan to find my next series to binge.

As I have been consuming quite a bit of content I thought it would be fun to compile a list of my recommendations, similar to the list of Podcasts I shared last week.

My Top TV Series

(April 2020)

Ru Paul’s Drag Race All Stars (Season 3)

I had watched this series of Drag Race All Stars when it aired, but since I was rewatching some of the early series I decided to rewatch this season too. This is such a great season (All Stars 2 is pretty great too) and it was so much fun to watch one of the bombshell moments again (courtesy of one of my all time favourite Queens BenDeLaCreme). I have watched another full 4 seasons of Drag Race, and will probably watch a couple in the next month or so.

Tiger King

Need I say anything about this series? You have probably already seen it EVERYWHERE on social media. It is so addictive to watch and every episode it gets crazier. 10/10 I recommend.


Jonathan van Ness recommended this on his instagram story as a real survival show where people have to survive in a harsh environment with only 10 items bought from home and I knew I had to give it a try. After watching three seasons in a couple weeks it is safe to say this is such a great show with a unique concept! It does get a bit repetitive in the early seasons, however Season 4 adds in a team dynamic as pairs of family members are dropped off on Vancouver Island and Season 6 is in the Artic and provided much more excitement with the different weather and animals in their surroundings.

So far these three shows have kept me quite busy, but I am always on the look out for other things to watch and I have added some new shows to my Netflix list too! So please let me know if there are any must watch shows (or movies…I am not picky!) in the comments below.

April 2020 PODCAST Recommendations

Hi everyone, and welcome (back?) to my blog! Since we are still in for at least a couple weeks to months of isolation or physical distancing, I thought it would be the perfect time to get back into blogging. I used to religiously post on my book blog (which you can find here) and aspired to also work on this blog which would have more of a science and ‘lifestyle’ focus. And when I say lifestyle, it’s as much lifestyle as you can have as a PhD student!

To kick things off on my newly restarted blogging journey I’ve decided to share some of the Podcasts I have been listening to. Since Western Australia has gone into a form of ‘minimal lockdown’ I have been listening to Podcasts more and more, especially as I now cycle into the lab as public transport is on a very limited timetable. I’ve also been walking down by the river every couple of nights to get out of my apartment/workplace and have found it very calming to lose myself and listen to an episode of a Podcast while appreciating the beautiful Swan River.

Since I am listening to Podcasts a whole lot more then I did before, over the last month or so I have expanded the repertoire of shows I routinely listen too, so i thought I would share some of my current favourites with you all!

My Current Favourite Podcasts

(April 2020)

Triforce! by The Yogscast

This podcast is just hilarious and a welcome break from the very heavy politics and world news content I am currently listening too (and that make up the rest of this list). I have loved watching The Yogscast over the last few years and as soon as I heard that Sips, Lewis and Pyrion Flax were starting their own Podcast I knew I had to subscribe. It has a bit of everything; videogames, pop-culture, dad chats and weird hypotheticals. So if you are a Yogscast fan or are interested in listening too three semi-british guys talk about nothing for an hour, I highly recommend.

All in with Chris Hayes

While this isn’t really a Podcast per se, it is the audio version of the cable show by Chris Hayes. Like a lot of you, I am consuming alot of Covid related content and I added this weeknightly show to my rotation to keep up to date with new developments. While it is very America centric, that works for me as I am hoping to move over to the US next year once I finish my PhD (but with how things are currently going…who knows!)

Hall of Shame by Crooked Media

I listen to most of the Crooked Media shows, so when I heard that they were releasing a sports focused series, I knew I had to subscribe! Rachel Bonnetta and Rachna Fruchbom go through some of the most famous and infamous sports scandals. There is a great balance of well known and obscure tales and a perfect mix of comedy and storytelling.

Today Explained by Vox

I actually listen to three daily news podcasts (The Daily by the NYT and What a Day by Crooked Media) but I decided to spotlight Today Explained by Vox as it is definitely the one I listen to most religiously. Sean Rameswaram is the perfect host (with a perfect host voice) and there is a good variety of hosts, stories and seriousness of content. Most of the episodes are COVID related at the moment, but still have variety in discussing the political, social, economic and health related aspects of this pandemic.

Lovett or Leave It by Crooked Media

Recent weeks, this Podcast made me laugh out loud on the bus (when I still took it to work) and now on my bike as I cycle into the lab. Jon Lovett is a blessing and since I started listening to Lovett or Leave It he is grown ten-fold as a Comedian. He has a great balance between politics, world events and pure unbridled silliness. If anything, listen to the episode from a couple weeks ago where he had his partner and modern superhero Ronan Farrow on as a guest host.

I am always on the look out for new shows and series to add to my rotation, so drop any recommendations down in the comments and i’ll check them out!